Where are you located? Can you film in other locations?

Our corporate office is located in Crestview, Florida, but our humans and drones are insured to travel and work Nationwide.

Is AAO insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for UAS operations. To obtain a copy of our COI (Certificate of Insurance) please contact us directly.

What kinds of projects can you do?

  • Television and film production
  • Residential and commercial building inspections
  • Real estate and raw land videography and photography
  • Marketing projects
  • Private parties
  • Research and educational footage
  • Wild life photography
  • Safety inspections
  • Sports and other events

The list is endless. Feel free to contact us and speak with a team member who can answer all of your questions.

What kind of weather can your drones fly in?

Our drones can operate in most conditions except heavy winds and rain. AAO practices extreme safety on every project and we reserve the right to determine if we can safely operate during any adverse weather. Additionally, some cities or regions may have special regulations for UAVs we would be aware of and adhere to. In those situations we also have access to Helicopters and Airplanes. Please contact us for special requests.

How much does a project cost?

Because every client has unique needs, we quote projects on an individual basis. Please fill out our Get a Quote form or feel free to contact us and speak with a team member who can answer all of your questions.

Does AAO have a FAA 333 Exemption?

Yes, we hold a current FAA 333 exemption. All of our Operators are FAA certified Flight Instructors, as well.

What kind of drones do you have? How long can they fly?

We operate multiple types of unmanned systems depending on the scope of the project. These drones use state-of-the-art camera systems to capture videos and/or imagery based on our clients’ needs. They are airborne for up to 20 minute intervals before requiring a battery change—and then they are flying again.

Can we view footage as you are filming?

Yes, we have multiple live HD video downlinks which allow the clients to watch the filming live as it happens.

What type of footage can we expect?

You can expect a crystal-clear, high definition finished product. Our drones produce smooth, stable footage with seamless transitions from scene to scene. Thanks to our brushless, gimbal technology the need for post-stabilization is decreased significantly.

Are your drones safe?

All our drones are FAA Registered and maintained like any other airplane or helicopter all the way down to regular preventive maintenance.
We also conduct a safety check before and after every project to ensure our UAVs are in prime condition. We also have a detailed pre-flight checklist that is followed each and every flight. Additionally, our staff are experienced and trained in practicing the most extreme safety measures for themselves, our clients, and others who may be in the area during filming.

Do you offer Live HD Broadcasting?

We do to a limited extent. We can live stream over Youtube or connect the drone to your system over HDMI ports.

100% Licensed. 100% Registered.


Advanced Aerial Operations, LLC

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